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is a not-for-profit facility that is run by a committee of volunteers! 

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers! 

List of Directors: 

  • Jane Van De Hoef 

  • Bonnie Hammerli 

  • Shawn Lockett

  • Melissa Rumney

  • Tim Martin

  • Vijay Bhatt

  • Amanda Hogan

  • Tricia Worden

  • Kayla Miller

Committees of MERC:

  • Rink and trails

  • Baseball

  • Soccer

  • Disc Golf

  • Events

All committees are run by dedicated group of volunteers and supported by many others! If you want more information or if you want to help out making the Maitland community a wonderful place to live and recreate?

Get in touch with Jane Van De Hoef:

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